Herbal Rituals for Embodied Wellness


*This journey is now open to community. To find out more information or schedule a 15min consultation regarding this journey, please email

I am thrilled to announce that we're now officially enrolling for Plant Spirit Talk’s  2019 Amazonian Medicine Immersion Journey.  We will be returning for the second year in a row to a beautiful natural sanctuary located in the upper jungle town of Tarapoto, in the San Martin Province in Northern Peru.

This year we’ll be offering two opportunities for you to join us in this transformative, healing and wisdom exchanging journey.  Group 1 will be offered on October 4 through 14 and Group 2 will be on October 18 through 28.

We’ll be hosted once again by multi-generational Peruvian shamanic teacher and Shipibo-Conibo Maestra, along with their team of curanderas (local traditional healers) will lead us through ten days of deep detoxing, healing ceremonies, land honoring rituals, Amazonian Master Plant walks and many other wisdom exchanging sessions, dedicated to the honoring and reciprocal interspecies relations with our beloved plant embodied teachers. 

This journey is for those interested in deepening in practice and relationship with Plant medicines, with the opportunity and guidance to be in right mutual exchange with the culture, traditions, teachers, land, medicines, etc. We’ll be learning from one of the most ancient traditions of Vegetalismo through the Shipibo Conibo lineage how to approach this deep work and path with the plants in integrity and respect. 

In support of nurturing the spirit of good will and mutuality with our hosts, all participants are expected to bring a personal(ideally ancestral) offering of wisdom or medicine to share with our teachers. Please reach out if you need assistance or have questions regarding what to bring. 



  • Transportation to/from retreat center and Tarapoto Airport

  • 11 day/10 night accommodations at Retreat Center 

  • Homemade Organic Dieta Friendly Meals  

  • 3 Ceremonies with Grandmother Medicine (night) 

  • 2 Ceremonies with Grandfather Medicine (day) 

  • Private wellness consultation with Maestra  

  • Traditional Amazonian Body Therapy (folk chiropractic adjustments and deep tissue massages) 

  • Wisdom Sharing Herb walks

  • Master Plants Harvesting, Preparation and Medicine Making 

  • Folk Detoxing Treatments 

  • Earth Honoring Rituals 

  • Day trips to local Sacred Sites (waterfalls, mineral hot springs, etc)  

  • Shamamic Flower Baths 

  • We will also have the opportunity to dive deeper into a Plant Dieta with the majestic Bobinsana (jungle mimosa) bark. 



To register please request and fill out application, specify which group you'd like to join and turn in with your deposit. Your place in the journey will be reserved once your deposit is received. No refunds on deposit or any part of tuition will be granted after July 15th, 2019.
For information on tuition or if you'd like to schedule a time to discuss your readiness and alignment to join this journey please email  

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