Herbal Rituals for Embodied Wellness


Integrative Wellness Support

Awaken your joy and vitality!

One-on-one guidance to reconnect with your inner healer and wisdom.

  • Adopt a supportive wellness protocol with the aid of medicinal herbs, wholesome foods and other tools for maximizing your overall health potential

  • Transform your relationship to your body and emotions

  • Discover everyday tools for supporting healthy boundaries and boosting energy

  • Connect with your plant allies for physical, emotional and spiritual support

  • Develop a nurturing self-care practice

  • Learn techniques for overcoming unhealthy habits and transcend obstacles

  • Attune your senses to better listen to your body and detect opportunities for healing

  • Cultivate your intuitive, inner wisdom


Initial 90 minute consultation: $180

Follow up 50min session $120

 cost of herbs: *average $45-$60 per month. These are customized formulas made from ethically wild-harvested or organically grown plant ingredients


Wellness Reset

A 3-month wellness & lifestyle coaching program

You’ll Receive…

  • In-depth 90 minute initial health history consultation and intake

  • Personalized wellness plan, including customized herbal formulation with comprehensive steps to guide you towards your overall health goals (*additional cost for herbs)

  • Five 45-minute check-in sessions twice a month via phone/skype, with possible reassess/adjustment of protocol, formula and practice


3 month program package: initial consultation + five support sessions: $580

cost of herbs: *average $45-$60 per month. These are customized formulas made from ethically wild-harvested or organically grown plant ingredients

Sacred Plant Communion (Dieta)

A month long personal retreat with a plant guide

  • Develop your innate capacity to learn directly from a plant teacher

  • Learn about your body's encoded wisdom

  • Detox from addictive patterns with foods, social media, devices, toxic relationships, unhealthy habits

  • Reset to your natural rhythm and authentic essence

  • Connect with your ancestral and indigenous wisdom

  • Refine and attune your senses

You’ll Receive…

  • Initial 50 minute consultation and assessment to choose a plant guide

  • Initial Diet kit containing multiple options to work with the plant

  • In depth written guidelines

  • Initiation and Closing ritual

  • Three weekly 45 minute support sessions (call, skype or in person)


 assessment + open/close rituals + 3 support sessions + diet kit: $550

Learn More...

Schedule your free 15 minute consultation to learn more about my approach, and how we can transform your health, access your vitality and develop a cohesive practice catered to you.   




copyright Francisca Santibanez 2018

copyright Francisca Santibanez 2018

“Working with Francisca was life-changing. I do not have adequate words to describe how helpful she and her herbal medicine consultations were to me at a particular time in my life. The time I spent with her were very real blessings for my life and well-being.

Her knowledge is wide, deep and rich, and that breadth of experience was apparent in her way of working with me as a whole person, along with various plant allies/herbal medicines. She is a very special woman and practitioner, who embodies strong, rooted integrity, sensitive compassionate care, and playful creativity. I would whole-heartedly recommend working with her to anyone who is asking for positive change and more wholeness in their lives.”

-C R, Berkeley CA

"My plant diet facilitated by Francisca was a very powerful transformative experience. She had a natural, easeful ability to hold space for the issue I was facing at the time and her guidance helped me to both select and connect with a plant in a way that I hadn't imagined was possible. The insights, learnings and ways of being with myself that I practiced during that time have helped me to lead a richer more connected life. The relationship that I forged with the plant continues to be a resource for understanding myself and navigating my world."

-N M, Oakland CA

 "I was drawn to Francisca because of her presence and story. I decided to work with her privately and embark on a plant diet. I had just moved here from out of state and was feeling uneasy about the move, and in fear about adjusting to big city life and living. After working with her and the special techniques she shared, I feel more empowered, feel blessed to know how to work with plants in a sacred way and be able to work with their medicine, and I am no longer in so much fear from my move. I was also able to access a deep layer of ancestral healing when working with the plant, which was huge for me. Working with Francisca and this sacred way of working with the plants were truly a gift. If you want to connect deeper with plants and learn to work with reciprocity with the earth, then take her class or work with her privately. She and the plants will change your life!"

- A C, Kensington CA

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